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With the smell of the groves in your home


The high quality turns delicious into healthy and healthy into delicious !

Ten years ago,  desire and  love Filled our handfuls with olives.

We had missed to have our own olive oil due to our love for the blessed

and beneficial  good that comes from  land.

Our steps traced back to the Messinian valley seeking after the quality of the

koronean  olive, the one which shows by itself that can give the best olive oil

when processed to the fullest extent.

In this way our family “chartered” the newly and seaworthy boat of our taste

to the journey of the “ofelimon”!

And we gave life to the piece of land making it a mosaic of our own, four different olive groves.

And the production was limited  as though the erected boundaries

of the value of the little and elaborate…

The liquid echo of each olive grove is stored and packaged separately.

So as to keep its special flavor that the microclimate and the different composition

of ground dedicate to its tastiness .

Born from mellow and unripe olives from the Neromilo of Messinia

at the positions of Asvoeras, Kentromata, Paliochora and Zermpisia of Ithome

are   generously donated to us as a gift to our happy toil , and to the homes of our friends.

From our island, from our mykonian   house to the lap of the fertile plain of kalamata

a delightful ‘coming and going’ meets the members of our family and renews us …

Christos Chatzis , Olga Stefanidou

along with our children, George and Kosmas.